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Welcome to, I created this site to help others and show other things I do. My main mission is to help others gain self-love, find their purpose, motivate and to showcase a little bit of who I am. I do my work through God's word because of how strongly I believe in my faith.  It's not just for women but for men as well. I believe I can help someone or a few change their life to make it better than before. I was a human being who been through somethings family-wise, friends, and just situations in general. I believe becoming a motivational speaker was my purpose.




If your ready and willing to change your life and get out of thinking you're not good enough and believe in yourself more despite what anyone says about you. I believe I am the person who can help with that.  

Being an Autism Parent

Being a parent to a child that has Autism I can totally understand the frustration sometimes. Especially if your a single parent. Trying to figure out how to put your child to sleep, eat and etc. I'm here to offer tips and advice because I am to a parent to an autism child. 

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Ashli is such a great person to be around. She is always positive and motivating. helped me get through a lot of things.


Great website with great information.


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Hey there, I'm Ashli 

Hello, I am Ashli Mintoya,  I am a mother to a wonderful little boy name Erik Elijah who has autism when I discovered that my son has autism I truly got depressed but not for me but more for my son. I didn't want him to have a hard life but I soon realized that if I do everything I can as a mother and make sure he has the best in everything life will be all right and God will see me through it. My faith has gotten me a long way, to be honest, I was so lost without my faith. I didn't know what direction in life I was going. I always felt like an outsider and like I didn't belong for the most part I was always criticized, but I found my purpose through praying, healing and forgiving.    

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